Innovates insurance industry with InsurTech.


"iChain Insurance Wallet" enables you to manage your insurance policies which you've stored somewhere even you don't remember so far, with their product name, premium, insured, claim amount, insured period and even policy image in your pocket. Moreover, you can share the policies with your families so that all of them can see how the family is being covered.

With "iChain Insurance Wallet", you and your families can quickly contact insurance companies to make a claim and get benefits if you have an accident.


iChainInsuranceWallet Demo

iChain is a Japanese leading InsurTech startup that innovates the insurance industry based on Blockchain Technology. "iChain Base" is an insurance business platform for insurance companies. It is an environment where security and reliability are secured by storing insurance policy information on the blockchain.

iChain cooperate with the insurance provider's core system and API to provide insurance policy information to policyholders through "iChain Insurance Wallet".

iChain Base

Establish and Produce Small Amount and Short Term Insurance Company

iChain, inc supports companies who want to establish a Small Amount and Short Term Insurance Company, using our knowledge and system development experience in the insurance industry.

We provide services such as support in establishing a new company, drawing a business plan, and developing insurance products, etc. for non-insurance companies who want to establish Small Amount and Short Term Insurance Company newly. We support both business and system side aiming surplus management and quick monetization of these companies.

We also provide services to existing Small Amount and Short Term Insurance Companies, utilizing iChain’s software system for companies who want to solve their unprofitable business or increase top-line sales.

About Us

Company Name:iChain, Inc.

Address:Across Shinkawa Bldg, 2F, 1-8-8 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0033, Japan

President:Masanori Goto

Capital: JPY 98,000,000

Capital reserve: JPY 52,296,048

Established:Apr. 2016

Share Holder:Managers(100%)

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